True Blue membership is finally open for the 2017-2018 season which means it’s time for us to signup, and do our part for the Bayou City Blues.  Becoming a True Blue is the only way you can access tickets to watch our beloved club play at Stamford Bridge and away.  Even if you have the slightest of possibilities of going next season you still should sign up as it helps our chapter as well.

With the regulations the club puts on supporter’s groups across the globe it is essential we have as many members sign up for the membership as possible.  The more members we have signup for True Blue the better ticket options we as a chapter get for marquee matches.  Last season we weren’t able to become an official chapter with the club, because we lacked the minimum number of True Blues necessary in Houston.  Let’s change that this year!

In the link at the bottom of this page you’ll find different membership packages that are offered.  Whichever you choose it still helps our group!  BCB members who signup to be True Blue will also have access to summer tour tickets if the club decide to come to the US next summer.

There are many personal percks to some of the True Blue packages so even if you don’t think you’ll be headed to SW6 next season help your Bayou City Blues grow by simply paying your True Blue fees.  Please email us at bayoucityblues@gmail.com once you’ve paid and received your members email from Chelsea FC.


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