As you all know by now we’re playing Man Utd in the FA Cup semifinal on Sunday the 19th at noon. Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic Texas restaurants are only allowed 50% of their occupancy which means there will be limited seats for both the Houston Red Army and our group. We’ll be splitting the tables with them as it’s only fair while Kings Court will be applying stricter social distancing guidelines than before.
We don’t believe one bit in restricting attendance to members only, but since this is a high profile match the KC family have asked me to do so. We will have seating details by Saturday, but I just wanted to give you all a heads up on the current status. All I’m asking is that you’re a BCB member through the 5th Stand App (official CFC app) Signing up is free and it helps our chapter’s growth. In turn it also has it’s benefits as our giveaways for members next season will be significantly better.
Follow the link below, signup as a member and you’re all set. We’re currently at 153 members on the app, but my goal is to hit 200 by summer’s end. Based on the numbers we have this should be an easy target. I’ll have more FA Cup details this weekend, but as mentioned please make sure you signup as a member!

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