The Beauty.
This season Chelsea has been aesthetically pleasing!! Conte has been able to capitalize on the experience, talents and potential of well positioned players by
increasing their personal self-belief, more intense training and successfully using players both in their natural and unfamiliar positions while building harmonious camaraderie in his squad.

The System.
The 3-4-3 system unlike the usually English style back 4 has allowed Chelsea to dominate the midfield with creativity from Matic and full defensive coverage from N’golo. This permits the wingbacks, Victor Moses and Marcos Alonso, to push further and higher up the pitch while controlling possession. The dynamic trio of Eden Hazard, Pedro and Diego Costa forge ahead like a raging storm with focus, speed, power and skill. How is one supposed to defend and compete against a style like this? Timely substitutions along with the unwavering support of uninjured players make Chelsea lethal on the pitch for multiple tournaments. I’m sure this is the question on every manager’s mind come next season as Chelsea marches forcefully towards their sixth league title.

The Fans
Tickets prices are soaring – scalpers are touting tickets at £1700 for tomorrow’s match against West Bromwich Albion. Chelsea’s fans play an exceptional role, even more, important than the players and manager. They demonstrate their undying loyalty for their club. That is what Love is, a leap of faith. A belief that with 11 men and for a brief 90 mins, you are a part of something greater and bigger than yourself. Many BCBs have travelled within the US states to celebrate matches, even as far as Stamford Bridge. Cheering and supporting Chelsea is a responsibility, it is your right! It is why we are forever Blue!!!
No one was more impressed by Matic’s unbelievable strike against Tottenham than our own Kurt Zouma. Rightfully so, you cannot keep the boys in blue out of the headlines. Hazard has been exceptionally impressive and every player in their own right stepped up and commanded their place on our squad. Oxford definition of the word History is defined as, “The past considered as a whole” and this Premier League title is another piece of Chelsea’s epic history and songs will be sung about Conte and his men for years to come.
The Players 

Moses is undeniably the most improved player in the entire league, Cahill’s special intuition to read strikers has been unquestionable this season. David Luiz’ anchoring leadership in the back and light hearted spirit has allayed any anxiousness on the field. Cesar Azpilicueta’s determination to stop and retain possession has been admirable to say the least and the fans confidence in Courtois is undeniable. Goals win games, but defense wins titles.

Costa’s ability to get away from defenders and inflict punishment on keepers makes him an extraordinary striker in all of Europe. The infamous sneakiness of Pedro’s holding and passing ability through the opposition defenders is simply magical. Cesc’s quality passing and Willian’s mobility and distribution were clinical in Chelsea’s campaign to Victory. Alonso and Victor Moses’ speed and textbook crossing have been phenomenal while irritating many opponents. Hazard’s form and exquisite finish were the final straw that broke the league’s back. He was the infinite, “why?” to everyone’s question, whilst Kante was the, “how?”.
N’golo’s fighting persistency has garnered him many accolades this season, none more important than Makelele’s acknowledgement of his pedigree. Not enough can be said about the superlative constitution of Chelsea’s team, we played as one organism this season, we played like Champions.

The Club
The flags are waving and they are flying higher than ever! Europe!! We are coming. Conte’s ability to manage egos, build and maintain cohesive relationships in multiple competitions separates him from all other managers in England. John Terry’s legacy is assured through his legendary leadership on the field and it is fitting that he is set to raise the cup, alongside Cahill and the rest of the lads one more time.  What a fantastic way to pay tribute to one of our best captains and players of the game!!!
We must celebrate how beautifully Chelsea has played all season. We fought with them, we felt their despair and now we celebrate while, ♫ Flying  up in the sky, we keep the Blue Flag flying high from Stamford Bridge to Wembley, We’ll keep the Blue Flag flying high ♫ as EPL Champions of England 2017.

– Kimberly Lee Yuk

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