The Silver Lining in John Terry’s Farewell

It’s only been a few days since John Terry announced his departure from Chelsea, and the wounds inflected by the news are still a bit severe.  The last of a great generation of footballer’s.   The last of Chelsea’s golden era.  The last in English football’s impeccable leaders.  Around the world former teammates and opponents of the Chelsea captain have praised his career at the West London club.  Deservingly so as without a doubt John Terry will go down as the club’s greatest ever captain, and quite frankly the Premier League’s greatest ever central defender.

Even through all of the heartfelt sentiment surrounding the club the timing of this announcement may just be a blessing in disguise for Chelsea.  Considering the fact that their lead at the top of the league table has been cut down to four points Antonio Conte’s players are in need of some type of motivation heading into the final stretch of the season.  Sunday’s loss to Manchester United surely took a psychological toll on the club, and Terry’s announcement less than twenty-four hours later may have seemed a bit odd to the Chelsea faithful, but is it really though?

Terry is the most respected player at the club by his peers, and the epitome of a great leader on and off the pitch.  Even as his playing time became non existent he still took the role as team captain to a new level by supporting passionately from the bench.  He respected Conte’s decision to cut him out of the squad, and by doing so we saw just what makes John Terry the true Captain.Leader.Legend the club’s faithful have come to love for twenty-two years.

Now with the announcement being made the difficult news might be just what the players and Conte need to make a final push for the domestic double.  It’s a bit unorthodox to think so,  and some may think the breakup would hinder the rest of the season.  Now the goal is to win it all, and send Terry out on the highest of notes.  Tottenham are up next this Saturday in the FA Cup semifinal at Wembley, a rematch of the 2012 edition.  Currently the league’s best side Tottenham look to give their London rivals another demoralizing result.  Chelsea’s last match against Spurs didn’t turnout to well,  and their title rivals look determined to spoil the John Terry farewell tour.

Do not expect Antonio Conte to give Terry any time on the pitch if Chelsea are still battling late to secure their sixth top flight title.  You can however expect to see a resurgence in the squad which in turn could result in securing the title before the last match of the season which happens to be at Stamford Bridge.  Players such as Ashley Cole, Petr Cech and Frank Lampard have departed without proper farewells, but the same cannot be done to John Terry.  The club’s greatest servant deserves a bit more in an age where modern football has tarnished the legacy of true club players.

The club faithful will not tolerate anything less than a proper farewell nor will the players who respect him to the highest of levels.  It’s only right for John Terry to start against Sunderland on May 21st in his last match at Stamford Bridge.  Many will say his announcement could have waited, but I genuinely believe the news is just what the club needs to push for a double finish.  Motivation is found in even the oddest of forms.  In a bad stretch of matches leading into the final moments of the season John Terry’s departure announcement truly is the silver lining  for a club in need.

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