Transfer Rumors & Kit Talk

With the end of our season in the Premiere League coming to a well deserved end, there has been a lot of chatter around transfers this summer. From Lukaku, to Alex Sandro, to Bakayoko, it is all guessing until we hear a final word.

Some are wondering why nothing has been announced just yet. There has been a hush around Stamford Bridge, some say there is no point to show new transfers in a kit adorning Adidas.

With the switch to Nike for the first time this coming season, it makes a lot of sense to wait until July 1st and to introduce our new transfers with a kit unveiling as well. Thanks to for the images!

All we know for sure right now is that a lot is happening behind the scenes at Stamford Bridge. And we cannot wait until July 1st to finally hear official word!

leaked-nike-chelsea-tottenham-17-18-home-kits (3)

leaked-nike-chelsea-tottenham-17-18-home-kits (2)

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